Service Plan B – Deep Cleaning

Cleaning Plan B House Cleaning ServicePlan B- Deep Clean

Bring your home back to a maintained condition with our “Deep Clean”.

Our Deep Clean is the initial cleaning service, before moving into a Basic Clean maintenance program.

It can also be scheduled as a one-time service.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

 Tile Grouting Scrubbed
Shower Doors Cleaned
Doors Hand Wiped
Knickknacks Individually Cleaned
Fronts of Cabinets Hand Wiped
Baseboards and Window Sills Cleaned
Floors Given Extra Attention
Faucets, Sinks and Drains Tooth-Brushed
Laundry Room Surfaces Cleaned Inside and Out
Tile Walls, Bathtubs and Showers Cleaned
Shower Door and Tracks Given Extra Attention
Vanity and Sink Cleaned
Mirrors and Chrome Fixtures Polished
Floors Cleaned and Carpet Vacuumed
Toilets Thoroughly Cleaned
Ledges and Blinds Dusted
Cobwebs Removed
General Dusting


Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

 Inside of Range Hood Cleaned
Outside of Range Hood Cleaned
Doors and Door Frames Hand Wiped
Ceramic Top Surfaces Cleaned
Fronts of Cabinets Hand Wiped
Appliances Cleaned and Shined
Knickknack Areas Cleaned
Baseboards Hand Wiped
Drip Pans Cleaned
 Kitchen Furniture Cleaned and Organized
Window Sills, Ledges and Blinds Dusted
Sinks Cleaned and Chrome Shined
Microwave Cleaned Inside and Out
Floors Given Extra Attention
Empty Garbage and Recycle
Counter Tops Cleaned
Cobwebs Removed
General Dusting


Living Area Cleaning Checklist

 Furniture Surface Hand Wiped
Window Sills and Ledges Hand Wiped
Blinds Dusted
Doors Hand Wiped
Wash Face Plates, Door Knobs and Light Fixtures
Pictures and Decorations Individually Cleaned
All Readily Accessible Floors Vacuumed and Mopped
Accessible Areas Under Furniture Vacuumed
Upholstery Vacuumed
Closet Floors and Stairs Vacuumed
 Base Boards Hand Wiped
Carpet Edges Vacuumed
Floors Given Extra Attention
Books and Magazines Neatly Organized
Flat Areas Hand Wiped
Cobwebs Removed
Ceiling Fans Dusted
Lamp Shades Dusted
Heavy Knickknack Areas Dusted
*Change Bedding If Requested

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