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A wide range of exceptional housekeeping services is available with Sunshine Maid Services, all customized to fit your needs and personal preferences.

Housekeeping services is available daily, bi-weekly, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

We clean everything using natural cleaning products. Using earth-friendly, non-toxic products is good for the earth and good for you!

Housekeeping and Maid Service Plans


Cleaning Plan A House Cleaning ServicePlan A – Basic Clean

House cleaning maintenance- our “Basic Clean” is used to maintain the cleanliness of your home. It is our most common cleaning service for our residential clients on a consistent cleaning schedule.

It includes kitchen and bathroom cleaning, living room and dining rooms, dusting and floor cleaning.

==> See Maid Service Plan A Checklist


Cleaning Plan B House Cleaning ServicePlan B- Deep Clean

Bring your home back to a maintained condition with our “Deep Clean”.

Our Deep Clean is the initial cleaning service, before moving into a Basic Clean maintenance program.

It can also be scheduled as a one-time service.

==> See Maid Service Plan B Checklist


Cleaning Plan C House Cleaning ServicePlan C- Spring Cleaning,  Move -In/Move- Out Clean

If you are putting your home on the market or moving, you are probably looking for our “Move-In/Move-Out clean” our Move- In/Move-out clean is usually the last step before completing a move-out or the first step before a move-In.

It provides the service of our Basic Clean and/or Deep clean, plus cleans the inside of all of your cabinets and the inside of your refrigerator(s).

==> See Maid Service Plan C Checklist


Customized Cleaning Plan House Cleaning ServiceCustomize Your Clean

Want to add, say, laundry or interior windows to one of our standard services?

Is soap scum building up in your showers? Are dust bunnies and pet hair taking over?

Our team can add on services to fit your needs whether you want us to fold your laundry or sweep your patio, we offer a wide variety of housekeeping services.

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